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NEW ORLEANS…so many iconic experiences and memories to realize. Also known as The Crescent City, New Orleans’ rich history is what dream-travel is made of.   


The business traveler declares our location is ideal for appointments and attending trade events.  Personal vacations and journeys spent in our city are filled to the brim with sites and experiences unique to our city:  Creole cuisine–from local oyster bars to 4-Star restaurants; magnificent homes in the historic Garden District; everything along the Mississippi; our jazz and zydeco, the street life that goes with the music; Mardi Gras; the French Quarter; fabled streetcars.

French and Irish, Acadian, the Seminoles of the Delta all lend color to New Orleans life.  The name KATRINA is embedded now in New Orleans’ story.  And in this amazing mix: 21st century shopping and entertainment, city parks and guided tours that will fill your imagination.

Around the area

St Louis Cathedral

Officially consecrated as The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France, (and Catedral de San Luis by the Spanish during their control of the city), stands as one of the oldest cathedrals in the United States. Originally constructed in 1718–and raised to cathedral ranking in 1793–very little of this original edifice was intact when it rebuilt in 1850. Standing just next to Jackson Square in the Vieux Carre, the iconic building with its three steeples appears even grander centered magnificently between the Cabildo and Presbytere, both landmarked public buildings in New Orleans style. The three steeples can be seen from several vantage points and is truly the most iconic representation of the City of New Orleans.

Two popes have visited the cathedral, hurricanes have ravished it, a dynamite bomb in 1909 created real damage, but the cathedral shines within–bright white glorified with angels in heavenly colors–and welcomes parishioners and the world’s visitors to its presence in Jackson Square. Andrew Jackson on his steed keeps watch closeby — all contributing to this unique setting.

Historic French Market

Today’s travelers have come to enjoy local markets worldwide. Here you experience the heart of a city or town. And, here in New Orleans, we boast of one of the world’s best–most famous–of these: The French Market! Our Market. Beloved by all in New Orleans since 1791, remaining at the same site, with each century enhancing the original importance as new settlers bring their own crafts and cuisines. The City of New Orleans boasts the French Market as a major source of income into its economy. As the MIssissippi waterfront has left its “muddy” history behind, the French Market has changed as well, greeting locals and visitors with restaurants, shops and bazaars, a safe and colorful site to stroll and breathe in the flavors and scents that speak:  NEW ORLEANS.

Our staff can share their own personal favorites within the French Market–just ask, be prepared for a rush of enthusiasm. Being so close to the Chateau Hotel, guests often return to the market…just in case they missed something.

Frenchman Street

Just outside the French Quarter–and worth planning a definite experience–is the locale known as Frenchmen Street. Nightlife easily takes over as the happenings during daytime wind down, many visitors being sure to experience both. The architecture bespeaks old New Orleans, with houses in the Faubourg Marigny section dating back more than 100 years. On higher ground than other city area, even Hurricane Katrina spared this New Orleans’ unique quater. Night brings everything you’ve come to New Orleans for, and well past the midnight oil.  Music rules: jazz, reggae, rock.  Small clubs and dives; street performers; the Art Market on Sundays; tradition N’Orleans cookin’; street artists.  Here, during your visit, certainly enjoy the small restored streets and boutiques, the cathedral and harborfront. But, be sure to keep open a slice of time for Frenchmen Street. Local people certainly do.

Not sure where to start the adventure?  Again, our Front Desk staff always has something favorite to share, some experiences not to be missed.

French Quarter Art Galleries

There is a particular group of visitors to New Orleans arriving with an important reason: they are art and antiques dealers and collectors. A century of purposeful shopping for stunning chandeliers and antiques has seen an impressive growth in art collectors as well. Royal Street is their destination, probably the most significant concentration of galleries in the Deep South.

The importance of this collector’s’ market now invites interest from abroad as well. And wealthy patrons show interest, bringing new talent with modern expressions. Multimedia galleries line the street with their fantastic displays of sculpture, Impressionist paintings followed by 21st century eclectic styles. The experience along Royal Street for all visitors is always remarkable.

French Quarter

For almost all new visitors to New Orleans, it is the vision of the French Quarter that colors their planning and visit…and memories. Vieux Carre is the other title, as French wording describes numerous corners of the city.  Here you find the oldest neighborhood of the city, fortunately spared major destruction during Hurricane Katrina because of its elevation. It is the vision of the cast iron balconies of the 1800’s, attached to the row houses in the French Quarter that bespeaks New Orleans worldwide. This architecture blends the colorful influence of the Spanish and French and the Creole people. Visitors learn of these various influences in the quarter during guided tours by foot or horse drawn wagon.

Shopping may take more than one visit, with the French Market, Royal Street’s art and antique galleries, boutiques–joined by the offering of cafes and restaurants. Cafe du Monde lures with it’s chicory coffee and beignets, perhaps a giant mufulett a sandwich that bespeaks New Orleans’ Italian immigrant history.