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Mardi Gras Inspiration

In other parts of the country after the last egg nog has been enjoyed and New Year’s confetti swept up most are putting holiday decorations back in the box while lamenting that there is nothing else to put up until Easter and that first thaw hopefully comes.  NOT HERE!  We switch out our red and green lights for Purple, Green and Gold.

Whether you leave up the tree and replace the Christmas bulbs with Mardi Gras beads or go all out like we do at the Chateau, Mardi Gras decorating is a must-do! String up some lights and put out some gorgeous masks or just make a Mardi Gras centerpiece for your dining room-might put you in the mood for some king cake though!  Even if you can’t make it this year we would love to see your Carnival spirit in action.  Post some pics to our Facebook page!